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If you are looking for a trusted Le Vian jewelry store in Knoxville, then stop on in to see us at Treasure's Jewelers located in the Town Square Shopping Center and at the Foothills Mall. At Treasure's Jewelers, we have a fantastic selection of Le Vian Chocolate Diamonds and the experience you need to help you make the right diamond buying decision.

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Natural color diamonds are very unique diamonds. That's because their warm and natural color are a result of a combination of three different elements — tone, hue, and saturation. There are many millions of combinations of these elements, all combining to create each diamond’s individual look. All the possible variations go into making each LeVian Chocolate Diamond® unique. This is the case with all natural colored diamonds, and it’s also the reason why Chocolate LeVian Diamonds are so valued. Our clients are usually people who are looking for something different, something that no other diamond buyer can get - no matter how much they’re willing to pay. What does it take to be a Chocolate Diamond? Read 'The Inside Story of Le Vian Chocolate Diamonds®' to learn more!

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You may be looking for an Authorized Le Vian Chocolate Diamond Retailer in Knoxville, and if so, then please allow us the opportunity to assist you in your Chocolate Diamond selection and purchase! Le Vian provides a guarantee in writing that their diamonds are genuine. You never need to worry about getting an imitation or artificial stone when you buy a Certified Chocolate Diamond® from Treasure's Jewelers in the Town Square Shopping Center in West Knoxville and the other at the Foothills Mall in Maryville, because we are a trusted and respected Le Vian Authorized Retailer. We have a fantastic selection of Le Vian Chocolate Diamonds, as well as the experience you need to help you make the right colored diamond buying decision. If you have not yet worked with a Treasure's Jewelers Diamond Expert in Knoxville, please allow us the opportunity to earn and deserve your business!


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