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If you are looking for a trusted jeweler in Knoxville, Tennessee, to buy a new Diamond Wedding Ring or Diamond Wedding Bridal Set, stop in to see us at Treasure's Jewelers located in the Town Square Shopping Center and at the Foothills Mall. We have a fantastic selection of Diamond Wedding Rings and the experience you need to help you make the best wedding ring purchase. And just in case it helps, we offer INSTANT APPROVAL on O% FINANCING for 60 MONTHS! Learn more about our great financing - just clickin here.

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Diamond bridal wedding sets should be as unique as you and your soon-to-be bride. That's why Treasure's Jewelers carries one of the largest selections of diamond bridal wedding rings, wedding sets and engagement rings in the entire Eastern Tennessee area. We offer instant approval on O% financing for up to 60 months so that you can get the perfect expression of your everlasting love and desire. Show her that you love her with a dazzling, brilliant wedding set from Treasure's Jewelers!

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You may be looking for a trusted jewelry store - a place to buy a great wedding ring in Knoxville, and if so, then please allow us the opportunity to assist you in your engagement ring or bridal wedding ring purchase! You never need to worry about getting an imitation or artificial stone when you buy a diamond wedding ring from Treasure's Jewelers at the Town Square Shopping Center, because we are a trusted and respected jewelry store in Knoxville. We have a fantastic selection of engagement and wedding rings, and the experience you need to help you make the right diamond buying decision. If you have not yet worked with a Treasure's Jewelers Diamond Expert in Knoxville, please allow us the opportunity to earn and deserve your business!


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